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Dining our WAY
Way Modern Chinois is a classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. A labour of love in many ways, Way Modern Chinois is the brainchild of avid foodies and Chinese food enthusiasts. In Mandarin, Way means “unique” or “one and only”.

The essence of Way is modern fine dining Chinese cuisine served with a subtle twist and sophistication. The entrance is a unique lift door which opens and transports the diner to a world of exquisite indulgence.

We’ve taken our favourites from all the regions; from the Szechuan Province through alleys of Hong Kong. Each note purposeful, each ingredient hand chosen and each dish served our WAY for you to enjoy your WAY.


Staffs are extremely friendly and helpful making the whole dining experience very pleasant. The Red Duck is a must try over here. You never been to Way if you didn't try their duck.

Ken Goon


Well deserve 5 stars. I'm rating this according to their set lunch, good environment, taste good and good lunch pricing at this area.

Sky Suke

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Their beef was so good that even beef with your bestie will disappear. They didn’t compromise on their quality and service which earned my respect. Way Modern Chinois isn’t your typical Chinese restaurant, and you will have no regrets dining with them!

Aishwarrya Krishnamoorthy

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