At WAY, our culinary philosophy is inspired by the elegance and essence of the Chinese character ‘‘ (WAY), embodying uniqueness and authenticity. This philosophy permeates every facet of our dining experience, blending rich, time-honoured Chinese traditions with modern interpretations.

Founded by The Clearwater Group, we offer a dining experience that combines the familiar with the novel. It’s a journey across the vast culinary landscape of China. Our chefs skillfully balance the sophisticated subtleties of Cantonese cuisine, the bold and spicy flavours of Szechuan dishes, and the distinctive tastes of regional specialties.

Truffle Roast Duck
Truffle Roast Duck
Firecracker Chicken
Firecracker Chicken


WAY Main Dining

Our dining space features sculptural metal arches that echo traditional Chinese ink wash paintings of mountain landscapes, set against the modern luxury of our interiors. The interplay of old and new continues with crystal chandeliers that cast a warm glow over plush velvet seating and sleek decor.

WAY Private Room

With an elegant dining room and 2 private rooms, every design element, from the inviting textures of our seats to the streamlined architectural features, is selected to enhance your dining pleasure. Here, cultural elegance blends with contemporary style, providing a memorable dining venue that respects time-honoured traditions while embracing the contemporary.

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