A guide to where to eat for Chinese New Year
written by Rachel Au, 29 January 2016

Way-Modern-Chinois-Truffle-Roast-DuckDon’t let the cheeky Year of the Monkey distract you from your path. Instead, let Way Modern Chinois show you the ‘Way’ to Good Fortune, Happiness and Longevity—all three of which are the names of their special Chinese New Year set menus!

5 Yee Sang in Kuala Lumpur To Jump-start Chinese New Year 2016
written by Jessica Liew, 29 January 2016

Way_Yee_Sang_386_329To accompany imaginative Chinese New Year menus at Way Modern Chinois like The Way to Good Fortune, The Way to Happiness and The Way to Longevity, is the classic Yee Sang featuring sashimi-grade salmon and crispy white bait…

written by Findingfats, 13 August 2015

Finding-Fats_Char-Xiu-BaoIf you’re looking for a new way or perhaps a whole new different perspective on the usual boring dim sum, Way Modern Chinois Restaurant might just be the perfect choice for you. Located at Clearwater Damansara Heights (right next to PLOY), and just a few blocks away from the Istana Negara entrance, Way Modern Chinois is a modern, classy, elegant and refined restaurant…

Voted as Best Dim Sum in KL
written by Food Advisor, 12 August 2015

Food-AdvisorWay Modern Chinois is a modern, classy, elegant and refined restaurant offering contemporary Chinese cuisine. Their latest selection of dim sums too are truly something. With reinvented dishes such as their signature Skinless Shanghai Soup Dumpling, where the skin is translucent. Filled with a beautifully balanced soup, minced meat and served with ginger foam and squid-ink dough, the dish really pops in your mouth in 1 full bite…

DIM SUM WITH A TWIST, WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant
written by Auntie Lilly, 11 August 2015

Follow-me_Cheong-funA stunning menu awaits diners at WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant with their brand new selection of dim sum in August this month. Leading the crew, Head Chef Kent Chan helms the creation of an exquisite yet modest meal which utilises molecular cooking techniques in preparation of the dim sum resulting in a luxurious mix of flavours…

Way Modern Chinois Lunch Dim Sum @ Bukit Damansara
written by Vkeong, 10 August 2015

Vkeong_dumplingWay Modern Chinois is a restaurant that specializes in contemporary Chinese cuisine set in a classy environment, making it a fine dining choice. And after looking up the word “chinois” only I realize that it’s the French word for Chinese. Well you learn something new everyday!
Most of the dishes offered in their menu are not new or foreign but prepared with a modern and exquisite twist. Imagine truffle roast duck and waterless chicken soup – don’t they just arouse your imagination?


Dim Sum Menu @ WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant, Clearwater Damansara Heights
written by Issac Tan, 9 August 2015

issac-tan_dim-sum1WAY Modern Chinois, a unique, classy avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine located in Clearwater Damansara Heights. The previous time I dined here, it left a lasting impression. I was there again recently to savour their dim sum menu, so do check out what we had below…


Dim Sum Menu @ WAY Modern Chinois, Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Nigel Low, 8 August 2015

Food-n-frame_-Lamb-Siew-MaiKnown of its innovative offerings of Chinese cuisine, Way Modern Chinois continues to push the boundaries of creativity with their latest dim sum menu starting with the impressive ‘Skinless” XLB (RM 6.00 per piece). While there is a great deal of science and technical jargons (anyone heard of Sodium Alginate before?) behind preparing the dim sum using ‘molecular cooking’ method, the result is truly impressive…

Food: Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Clarrisha Hong, 5 August 2015

Skinless-XLBThese days, it’s not just good food people are searching for but most of us are always on the lookout for something unique. This is the reason why I must introduce Way Modern Chinois which is located at Clearwater, Damansara Heights to you guys. They serve modern Chinese cuisine but here, they incorporate really unique methods of cooking for
their dishes…


written by Ms.Adrienne, 20 October 2014

1_ms-adriennely_img_4273Y is off to Germany for two weeks, and here I am sitting alone at home watching flashes of lightning. Alone. I guess I need to learn how to enjoy some quiet me time and be more independent.Before Y left for Germany, I thought it’d be nice to have some real good Chinese food so that he won’t miss it too much when he’s over there. Checked out a couple of nice ones on the web and thought that Way Modern Chinoise might just fit the bill. We had high hopes for the place and left with our tummies happy & satisfied…


Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Kampungboycitygal, 18 October 2014

2_kpgcitygal_350It has been a while since we really enjoy a full Chinese banquet lunch and this time we were at Way Modern Chinois at Damansara Heights, a classy and sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. In Mandarin, Way means “unique” or “one and only”. From it’s unique entrance of a lift door which opens and transports the dinner to a world of exquisite indulgence, down to the menu which features many modern contemporary dishes and unique infusion of cocktails…


I had great food at: Way Modern Chinois Restaurant
written by Omgmag, 5 October 2014

3_shoutboard_2Way Modern Chinois is a classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. The essence of Way is modern fine dining Chinese cuisine served with a subtle twist and sophistication. The entrance is a unique lift door that opens and transports diners to a world of exquisite indulgence…


Hidden Gems: Top 6 Speakeasy Bars In Kuala Lumpur
written by Bryna K., 26 September 2014

5_hypeWay Modern Chinois is a classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. A labour of love in many ways, it is the brainchild of a boutique property developer and Asian private equity investor, both of whom are avid foodies and Chinese food enthusiasts. In Mandarin, Way means “unique” or “one and only”…


Way Modern Chinois, The El Dorado of Chinese food
written by Mark Francis, 19 September 2014

5_journalThe idea of a secret bar or neo-speakeasy seems almost passé these days, but what about that of a clandestine restaurant? On my first trip to Way Modern Chinois – tucked discreetly inside the lobby of an office building in Damansara Heights – almost 15 minutes were spent trying to find the entrance of the restaurant. As my patience waned and I was about to throw in the towel, a smartly dressed couple strode purposefully towards what looked like an elevator, tapped a button on the side, and with a swoosh of metal doors, disappeared from plain sight…


WAY Modern Chinois Restaurant, Work@Clearwater Damansara Heights
written by Isaac Tan, 13 September 2014

6_issac-tan_2Just last weekend, Janice and I had the opportunity to dine at this very unique, classy avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese / Asian cuisine. Way Modern Chinois, located at Work@Clearwater
in Damansara Heights has this very nice low light ambiance, enhanced by dark furniture, rose wood paneling and strategically placed spot lights. The last time I was at Work@Clearwater was to try out Ploy, another nice restaurant there…


Way Modern Chinois
written by Lim Chee Wah, 1 June 2014

7_TimeoutWhat separates a good restaurant from a great one is its interpretation of food: The former executes a dish well while
the latter successfully translates an idea into a brilliant meal. The latter can be a long, tedious process – in Way Modern Chinois’s case, it took 15 months of food tasting and experimentation, as stated in the opening page of its menu – but when it does work out, you get exciting food that you can’t quite get enough of. That’s exactly how I felt after my first dinner there; I quickly planned a second visit to make sure the quality is consistent…


unique contemporary Chinese cuisine
written by Pureglutton, 27 April 2014

8_puregluttonThe dining scene in Damansara Heights received a unique boost recently with the opening of Way Modern Chinois.
A classy modern avant-garde restaurant, Way specializes in contemporary Chinese/Asian cuisine. Way means “unique”
or “one and only” in Mandarin and this uniqueness starts from its entrance. The entrance isn’t spotted easily, not unless you are looking for a lift door! A press at the “Lift” button on the left and it opens into the restaurant…


Way Modern Chinois, Chinese Cuisine, Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Fatboybakes, 16 April 2014

9_fatboyAs I get older, I find my palate becoming more partial to Asian cuisine. Very rarely do I hanker these days for that piece
of braised lamb shank, wagyu cheek, or fancy foamy meals with deconstructed items. I am a peasant and plebian, so I like simple comfort foods. To me, the simplest of Chinese stir fries and steaming and braising, are enough to satisfy…


WAY Modern Chinois @Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Nigel Low, 14 April 2014

10_Food-n-frameContemporary and classy. These are the two words that best describe the environment at Way Modern Chinois. Inside, the dark interior is a stark contrast to the brightly lit environment just a few steps away from its doorway which is accessible through a lift door. The unconventional entrance will certainly raise an eyebrow or two and bound to catch many unsuspecting customers by surprise…


Way Modern Chinois at Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Bangsar Babe, 8 April 2014

11_bangsarbabeWay Modern Chinois isn’t your typical Chinese restaurant. The name Way in Mandarin means “unique” or “one and only” – serving contemporary fine Chinese cuisine in a chic setting. The entrance itself makes a good conversation starter; designed to resemble a lift door…


Way Modern Chinois
written by Samantha Chin, 4 April 2014

12_expatriate_2Small and intimate, Way Modern Chinois is designed to exude class and elegance. The entrance of the restaurant is a secret doorway resembling an elevator door, and once inside, you might mistake it for a French fine-dine instead as it looks nothing like the typical boisterous Chinese banquet restaurants in KL…


Fine and delectable at Way Modern Chinois
written by Eu Hooi Khaw, 29 March 2014

13_malaysian-insiderWe couldn’t find the entrance to Way Modern Chinois and was directed to a lift door. A press of the “lift” button and the door opened to a dark interior brightened with spotlights, where a white floral centrepiece stood out and was reflected in the mirrors…


Avant-Garde Chinese Cuisine At Way Modern Chinois
written by Jyy Wei, 28 March 2014

14_venusIf you are one who believes that things are best left to the experts, then Way Modern Chinois Cuisine is a restaurant right up your alley. ‘Unique’ or ‘one and only’ is the meaning behind this sensual restaurant’s name, and serving up Chinese cuisine with a modern and contemporary touch is what they aim. A labour of love in many ways, the essence of Way is modern fine dining that celebrates diverse Chinese/Asian cuisine which have stood the test of time…


Not too Way out
written by Patsy Kam, 23 March 2014

15_kualiYou’d be hard pressed not to find some red element in the decor of most Chinese restaurants; that’s why Way Modern Chinois is anything but. The boutique property developer and Asian private equity investor has gone quite the other way to create a mostly grey palette for their restaurant which is named after their son, Way; the word also means “unique”
in Mandarin…


Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights
written by Yum List, 13 March 2014

16_yumlistPleasant intrigue shapes our visit to Way Modern Chinois from start to finish. Way, the Chinese character, means something special and, Chinois is just a fancy way of saying Chinese in French. We find the concept of uniqueness and elegance unwavering throughout our entire experience…


written by Nuyou, 3 March 2014



Way scrumptious
written by Karen Ho , 22 February 2014

18_NSTBARELY months old, Way Modern Chinois is the latest eatery in Damansara Heights, set up by the same people who gave us Ploy and Tonkatsu by Ma Maison. The restaurant has already begun welcoming the well-heeled…


Fine Chinese Cuisine With A Twist
written by Madam Chair, 18 February 2014

19_MdmchairIf it’s privacy you desire when you dine, then Way Modern Chinois is so right for you. When I first arrived at the restaurant at Clearwater in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t even find the entrance. Then a guard pointed me to an elevator door. I pressed the button, and it opened into the interior of the restaurant! It’s a talking point, and makes the restaurant more private, it seems…


Avant-Garde Eats: WAY Modern Chinois
written by Keirsten Clark, 12 February 2014

20_lifestyleasiaCreative modern cuisine is certainly the flavour of the menu at WAY Modern Chinois. The restaurant is intimate but large enough for groups to enjoy business meetings, get togethers and social occasions. The bar adds a nice touch to the restaurant as diners can sit and enjoy a drink before or after their meal with the bar tender whipping up some delightful cocktails and mocktails, or a choice of wines and beers…


Reviews At WAY Modern Chinois
written by Burpple, 10 February 2014

21_burpleeTruffle Roast Duck
1 Food = 8/10
2 Price = 8/10
3 Ambience = 8/10
4 Service = …


Review: Way Modern Chinoise at Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights
written by Sean Yoong, 8 February 2014

23_eatdrinkklChik Kut Teh
This contemporary Chinese restaurant’s creativity drew us back for signature recipes like Way’s interpretation of ‘chik kut teh’ (RM26 before taxes), herb-laced chicken that’s pan-fried & partnered with bean curd strips, meant to be evocative of bak kut teh…


Way Modern Chinois @ Damansara Heights
written by Caryn Jen Jen, 7 February 2014

22_waisekmeowI love the food here, everything taste so good except the soup. Service is very good and prompt. Ambiance is very classy and chic. Worth every penny or RM i paid :)…


Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights
written by Sean Yoong, 28 November 2013

24_eat-drinkSensual elegance isn’t something that a Chinese restaurant is expected to exude, but Way Modern Chinois sets out to be a breaker of multiple rules, painting on a broad culinary canvas…